Since the beginning of the company, Accurer seeks for the ‘total quality’.  

At Accurer we know, that today it is not just enough to look for the quality of the product, which of course is very important, but also to look for the quality in all our business activity.

We have the best, both material and human, means to give our customers the best possible answers.

Accurer is a high precision machining company, and so that our product is a benchmark of quality we have integrated a Technical Department where our engineers manage the production process before the piece is released to manufacturing using the different CAD-CAM systems available, and the post-processing for our machine-tools, which makes our production department.  

After the post-processing and the manufacture of the first piece, our quality Department checks that the piece complies with the dimensional specifications, form and surface roughness required by the technical document of this piece.

Once the quality Department approves the specifications of the manufactured part, production starts by tracking the same standard.  

Accurer bases all its management following the standards ISO (Norma UNE-ES – ISO 9001:2008 and norm 9100:2010 UNE-ES). 

Accurer staff is committed to continuous improvement, prevention of non-conformities and the search of ‘total quality’. This is reflected in the product delivered and the service we provide to our customers.