At Accurer we have been committed, since our inception, to the pursuit of quality from every angle, that is, we evaluate and assure quality throughout all processes. 

During the development of our work, from the submission of our proposal to the delivery on time, the quality department is guided by the principles of continuous improvement, control and attention to detail.

Once the technical office validates the specifications and designs the manufacturing process, production starts. We then carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the evolution of the part. All the processes: design, engineering, manufacturing, production and customer service apply the maximum attention to quality.

This allows us to meet all national and international standards in the realization of our high precision machining projects.

At Accurer, quality is a strategic priority. Quality is the differential factor of our value proposition. Thanks to this commitment to excellence we have been a company recognized in the industry for its quality since 2006.


Commitment to quality and the pursuit of excellence is in our company’s DNA.

All these certification and quality protocols place us at present as a reference entity in the domestic mechanical manufacturing sector.  Some of the industry certifications we possess are:

Some examples of high precision machining

At Accurer we also pay particular attention to, and rigorously follow, the Personal Data Protection Act (LOPD) and environmental regulations along with strict confidentiality protocols.

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