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We are a Spanish company commited since 2006 to high precision mechanical parts manufacturing. We are distinguished by the quality of our products, our ability to respond to technically complex projects and our commitment to the complete satisfaction of our national and international customers.

At Accurer we solve challenges related to high precision mechanical parts in the most demanding industrial sectors. Our hallmark is the creation of products of the highest quality and always delivering on time. 

From our facilities in San Fernando de Henares, in the Community of Madrid, we manufacture parts that are integrated into the production processes of third parties located in different regions of the world.


We contribute to creating a safer, more efficient and sustainable world, solving challenges associated with precision mechanical parts in the most demanding industrial sectors internationally, combining attention to people with technological innovation and with care for details in the manufacturing and quality control processes.


Becoming the most attractive precision mechanics company to work for, trusted by the most demanding industries in the world given our unique and recognized way of doing things.

Quality, Accuracy, Rigor, Innovation, Security, Talent, Confidentiality, Transformation, Internationality and Sustainability are some of the attributes that define the way we work.

Leading our team

Carlos Jentsch

Carlos Jentsch

Business Development Manager

Sergio Nieves Gutiérrez

Sergio Nieves Gutiérrez

Verification Manager

Cristina Humphrey García Soto

Cristina Humphrey García Soto

Administration Manager

Yolanda de Gea Esteve

Yolanda de Gea Esteve

Quality Director

Luis Alberto Álvarez Mateos

Luis Alberto Álvarez Mateos



C/ Mar Tirreno, 4 nave B
28830 San Fernando de Henares (MADRID-ESPAÑA)

How to get there:

By car: from the A2, through exit 17; with other roads such as the M45, M50 and R2.

By train: Torrejón de Ardoz Railway Station.

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